interior design


Specialising primarily in narrative environments and residential interiors, London based Nuun Interiors is always open to a challenge.

For over 15 years Nuun Interiors founder Nisreen Moustafa has worked across the globe on various architectural projects. This exposure and experience led to the culmination of the ‘nuun’ ethos of bringing the crafts and traditions of the world together as complementary attributes of a modern interior.

Her Scottish-Egyptian origins have always been a foundation through which she strives to bring cultures together. Working with reputable firms in Cairo on international project like the Grand Egyptian Museum (metaphor), American University Cairo with Agha Khan prize winner CDC Abdulhalim Ibrahim Abdulhalim and several restoration projects including Bait al Suhaiymi with NADIM has given her a wide scope of understanding into the physical, social and spiritual dimensions of architecture and its interiors.
It was during her time in Cairo, engrossed in the medieval fabric of old Islamic Cairo, that she asked herself the question ‘what makes Islamic Architecture ‘Islamic‘?’. She would later publish and illustrate her answer in the catalogue to her exhibition entitled ‘Divine Inspiration; Seven Principles of Islamic Architecture’ held at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia (IAMM) in 2008. Nisreen worked at the IAMM for over 4 years as the Head of Display, during which she redesigned the museums’ 13 permanent galleries and designed 9 temporary exhibitions including a collaboration with the Victoria & Albert museum London.

South-east Asia had a powerful impact on Nisreen and sewed the seed for a genuine love and admiration for the weaving traditions of the region. Ikat, batik, songket; their symbolism, and significance within the social fabric left a great impact. It wasn’t until leaving Malaysia and coming back to Cairo that she was introduced to Nagada, a like-minded company that not only strove to preserve the traditional weaving methods of ancient Egypt but brought it together with the weaving traditions of the world including south-east Asia.

Using the fabrics offered in Nagada to complement her residential interiors, she realised that she had found the culmination of all her experiences and chose to work closely with the Nagada team in all future projects where appropriate. For Nisreen, this collaboration enables her to support the dying weaving community of Egypt and combine it with the established traditions of South-East Asia, creating a bespoke aesthetic that gives a sense of spirit and belonging. In supporting this ethos the online shop offers a ready-made home-wear collection that illustrates beautifully the harmony between the two worlds.